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Pure Photo Art

Expression of social sphere and emotionality.

Fine Art Children Photography, the body is a work of art; we emphasize the perfection of this work of art by omitting the unimportant. This can also be one or two conventional items of clothing. Again, we add elements such as plants, animals, fabrics and various materials. In this way, we focus on what is most valuable the human body in an artistic, aesthetic and expressive way.


And since the body is also art, we show it as such.

character PURE Photo Art


The important thing is

The children should always feel good.

It is significant to us that the children feel comfortable and safe with us. They are happy and would like the pictures of themselves. Their well-being is our top priority. We respect every “no” and ensure that no photos are taken that show too much of their bodies. Traxler Fine Art stands for respectful treatment of young people.

It's a real challenge for most kids to stay serious on camera and not smile; it's harder to stay serious than to be bare skinnedness. But hey, a bit of fun is a must, right? In the end, the authentic laughs are the best, even if it might not quite match the fine art look!

Child - Pure Photo Art

Please do not Smile!

Why not?


Smile and fine art, why not?

Artistic (Fine Art) concept, and laughter, is unfortunately not desired. Pictures in fine art photography should have a certain depth and seriousness, a thoughtful impression. An image that is intended to feelings and sensations.


A laughing (Smile) child/teenager is supposed to conventional advertising positive and buying-joyful emotions, which is not the case in art photography, would not be the desired result in art photography.

Fine art photography is about capturing the uniqueness of the moment. Emotional or thoughtful expressions are often expressions are often favoured to convey a deeper meaning and message.


Stillness, seriousness, or concentration can be some characteristics favoured in this genre. A laughing child/teenager could distract from these aspects and dilute the intended message.



The partially Bare-skinned depiction of the human body, including young people, has been a central part of art history since antiquity. Art history, Physical beauty as an expression of health, honesty, aesthetics such as innocence and purity: especially the depiction of youthful body. Embodiment of youth, freshness, and naturalness.

Creating masterpieceS
that transcend timE

Use the time in your children's youth to create a work of art! Adolescence is a phase that passes by so quickly and during which the body changes rapidly. In a few years' time, you will look back on the photos and enjoy these precious memories. The pictures will serve as a wonderful reminder of the past, of moments that will be captured forever.

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