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“Nature of Art”

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I do not engage in wedding photography, product and press photography.

Fine Art Market

Discover my unique and inspiring artworks in the online art market! On 15 July, I will be presenting my fine art prints, which I have created with passion. Immerse yourself in my creative world and be inspired by the different styles and motifs of my artworks.

Fine Art Market
Fine Art Prints
Sweden Lapland

fine art

Welcome to the world of powerful motifs by Traxler Fine Art Photography – have a look around!

Grapevine in the Wachau

Variety is more than a means of avoiding boredom, since art is more than an entertainment of the senses.

Rudolf Arnheim

Fine Art photography

Fine art photography is not necessarily concerned with capturing realistic or documentary-style images. Instead, it focuses on creating visually striking, emotive, or thought-provoking images. Fine art photographers often use a range of techniques such as creative lighting, composition, and post-processing in order to create images that are unique and distinctive.

Green Land
Traxler Fine Art Children Photography

Fine art



My fine art products are of the highest quality and made by the world's best museum-quality fine art printmakers. I offer a wide range of options to ensure you find the product that suits you perfectly. My stock portfolio includes thousands of macro photos.

Halbe Frame in Apartment
Our Post Production Office

Fine art prints that offer the highest quality and impressive detail. Each print has been carefully selected and produced with state-of-the-art museum-quality technology. A must-have for every art lover. The colours are rich and vibrant, and the details are crisp, sharp, and precise.

Experience art in its purest form! My fine art commission is the perfect product for all art lovers and those who would like to decorate their home with individual artwork. Or perhaps add a special touch to your office?

Macro Stock Photos

Besides fine art photography as my main field of activity, stock photography has developed as a side business – another field of activity with interesting perspectives. Not least because I also offer professional expertise in this field.

Fine Art



Mutual trust is the basis for cooperation and purchase with Traxler Fine Art Photography. As a first step in this sense, I am here presenting some projects and publications, which will certainly help make your choice concerning Traxler Fine Art Photography a little easier.

"The pure multiple Art"

From the nature & landscape of the romantic Wachau (UNESCO world heritage) to wild, rough Scandinavia! Pure photo art in the studio and in nature. Still life to be found everywhere.

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