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“The job as light painting photographer is to seduce, fascinate and surprise”

The Light Painting Factory is a project with several photo artists. A symbiosis of artists who can look back on many years of experience in their unmistakable independence. And who produce works of unique magic and quality in the field of tension between their different creative approaches.

Light Painting Factory / Paints in Black

The black of night is a rather unspectacular subject for an outdoor nature photographer. So we make the night the basis of our artistic endeavours.


Light painting is a perfect way to go out in the dark, especially during the long winter nights, and honour your creativity as a “fresh air photo artist”.


…more about Light Painting in the Making-of section.



Life is too short to indulge in TV on the couch with crisps and beer in the evening when it's dusk and the day is drawing to a close.

We at LP-Factory think differently. 

For us, the day begins with the night. The hunt for light starts at dusk. Armed with a tripod, camera and lights, we look for suitable places to get creative. We deliberately set light accents in the darkness and try to capture our works in pictures.

Our LP goal, which has become a necessity, is to feel and enjoy the night in its natural environment (outdoors) and to fascinate and amaze the viewers of the resulting products.


The “trick” of painting with light lies in the long exposure times of a few seconds to several minutes. During this time, you literally paint motifs in the dark with one or more light sources. The result is pictures of exceptional beauty and special magic.

At the Light Painting Factory, we use light sources such as high-performance LED lamps, lasers, and even fire. We use them to draw figures and symbols in the night. Due to the long exposure time, they merge into traces of light and thus create the respective motif. It is therefore not surprising that a lot of preparation time and love of choreography is required for this pictorial work.

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